Chris McCormack, or Macca as he is affectionately known, is one of endurance sport’s most iconic athletes. Globally regarded as the best triathlete of his generation, Macca rose through the ranks as a winner and fan favorite with his trademark mix of quick wit, piercing intelligence, and the athletic ability to deliver wins in 250 international races and landing on the podium 89% of the time. Macca owns one of the best athletic winning percentage statistics in modern sport, a testament to his discipline and race day execution.

After turning professional in the mid-1990’s, in less than five years in the sport Macca had become its most famous and most marketable athlete. Opting to steer his own career commercially, he turned down management and agent rights to IMG and Octagon Sports internationally.

A visionary of the sport, Macca often clashed with the set establishment and disrupted the status quo with his outsider perspective -- yet his strategic instincts have steered him right time and again on and off the race course. He broke the norm of athlete and single-handedly controlled both his athletic and professional career for 20 years as his own CEO. He used his business savvy and financial education to lock out some of the biggest deals in triathlon history, reshaping the marketplace for multisport athletes by setting a new price for the world’s best within his sport.

Macca was ranked by Forbes Magazine as the biggest money earner and most valuable athletic commodity in the sport’s history. In 2011 he became the first individual non-American athlete to appear on the iconic breakfast cereal WHEATIES box, an honor bestowed to only the best of the USA sporting elite such as Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, and more recently Michael Phelps. He signed the first multimillion-dollar endorsement deal with Under Armour in the early millennium and continued to build brand value and set a professional benchmark still followed today.

His biography I’m Here to Win released by Hachette Publishing House New York in May 2011 was a New York Times bestseller and has also gone on to bestseller status in Germany, Australia, Russia, and France. In this book he accurately predicted the rise of the German athletes to the top of long-distance triathlon, and the game-changing revolution ITU athletes would bring as they moved to Ironman racing.

Winning his final World Championships title in Spain in July 2012 and securing the title as the oldest triathlete to ever win a World title in the sport, Macca was selected as an alternate for the Australian Olympic Team for London before announcing his step back from the sport to focus on his family and his growing business interests.
His first venture, MaccaX, launched in October 2012 and transformed online triathlon training, becoming a template for success in the space. It brought together athletes from all over the world into a platform where they could access Macca, his team of experts, and most importantly one another to help them progress faster and more efficiently in triathlon. It is now the biggest online triathlon training community and platform with a membership base of almost 1,000 athletes.

Building on this, Macca moved to Asia to build the region’s biggest international sport and health resort. In his role as executive chairman, he spearheaded the development and operational roll-out of Thanyapura Resorts in May 2013 aiming to give five-star health, wellness, mindfulness, and nutritional advice to everyday people to optimize their potential.

The 120-million dollar development is now Asia’s premier sport and wellness resort, employing more than 500 staff and visited by over 15,000 guests annually, including over 20 national teams who utilize the 5-star facilities in preparation for Olympic Games. Under Macca’s watch, the Phuket International Academy school that was part of the Thanyapura development became the 16th school in the world to become a United World College, opened by The Queen of Jordan in August 2016.

Having set Thanyapura on a high performance path, Macca used this opportunity to step away from his operational role at the centre. Founding the MINC Group, Macca uses his deep industry expertise and understanding of the intersection between high performance culture, professional branding, sponsorship, and operations to begin consulting on other similar developments in the Middle East, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Russia, and China.

The Royal Family of Bahrain employed the MINC Group to establish an environment of health, participation, and sport within the Kingdom, a vision articulated by His Highness Sheikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa. Introducing major participation events to the kingdom alongside supporting the world’s best triathletes as part of Bahrain Endurance 13 Team, the global branding of the Bahrain Endurance vision was the biggest ROI of any project in the region and had an economic and social impact on the Kingdom that was applauded by the King.

More recently working alongside the Kazakhstan Olympic Committee, Macca and the MINC Group have been empowered by the prime minister to assist in identifying talent and creating a high performance culture and structure sustainable over the next three Olympic cycles.

Chris McCormack’s winning mindset enabled him to create a replicable system and environment of success week in, week out as an athlete to win races and major events. It is this same attribute he brings to the realm of business turning the MINC Group into the key go-to consultancy in the global space for high performance health and sports culture, with its strong network within Asia and the Middle East.

  • Global Launch of Super League Triathlon
  • The Premier League in Endurance Sport
  • Owner of Global TV, event and Athlete rights for Triathlon
  • Secure the Million Dollar Triple Crown bonus in the Middle East
  • The biggest payday in Triathlon history
  • Guided a 1 million dollar pay day for Swiss Female and Team member Daniela Ryf in Bahrain
    • The MINC Group secures contract to consult for The Royal Family of Bahrain for Health and Sport and reports directly to His Highness Sheikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa
    • The launch and director of the Bahrain Endurance 13 Triathlon Team - The most dominating team in Endurance sport history winning 6 World Titles in Triathlon and Ironman racing
    • Commence consulting Roll and Executive Chairman position at Thanyapura Sports Resorts Asia. The roll out of the Thanyapura integrated health resort in Phuket Thailand
    • Win 4th World title in Vitoria Spain becoming the oldest World Champion in Triathlon history
    • Announce my professional racing retirement post The London Olympic Games
    • MaccaX is launched in October: The biggest Online Training community in Triathlon
    • My biography “I am Here to Win” is published. Becomes a New York Best Seller in May and is a best seller in Germany, Russia and Australia
    • Ironman World Champion in Kona Hawaii - Winning my third World Championship title in the sport - Considered one of the greatest races in the sport history
    • Secure a cover on the USA famous breakfast cereal Wheaties - The biggest accolade in US sport
    European Ironman Champion
    Ironman World Champion Kona Hawaii - Win my first Ironman World Title.
    Undefeated Triathlon streak of 35 consecutive race wins is broken - The biggest winning streak in history of the sport.
    Commonwealth Games Representative for Australia in Triathlon - Manchester England
    Goodwill Games Champion
    ITU Triathlon World Champion - My first World title is won in Perth Australia as a 23 year old
    Launch my professional career - Move to Europe
    • Finish University at UNSW
    • Commence working at BT
    High School Finished